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League Information

Current/Upcoming Leagues

We run spring, summer, and fall sessions, starting in the beginning of April and running through September/October. Each session lasts 8 weeks. Our current league offerings can be found on Pickleball Brackets.

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League Requirements

To join a league, you need to be a current MPA member. Some leagues may also have gender and/or skill level requirements. Skill levels often overlap, so you can sign up for multiple leagues if you choose.

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Skill Levels

Certain leagues have skill level requirements based on your current rating within Pickleball Brackets for MPA. When signing up for your first MPA league, set your self-rating as accurately as possible before games start to ensure the best placement.

  • Access your profile on Pickleball Brackets by clicking your name in the top right corner of the website and select “My Profile.”
  • If you unsure of your rating, descriptions are available on the USA Pickleball website.

League Sign-Up Process

  1. Make sure you’ve joined the MPA Club on Pickleball Brackets.
  2. View the list of our current leagues.
  3. Click on the league you’d like to join and select “Details.”
  4. On the details screen, click “Sign Up” and complete the registration process, including payment.

League Format

We use the Ladder League format on Pickleball Brackets for our leagues. Sign-ups are by individuals, not teams. Each week, players who opt in for the given week will be grouped together by their current rankings and play a series of games. Rankings change based on players’ performances each week.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how the ladder league works and how rankings are calculated.

Your starting rank in the league will be determined by your rank in the previous session, your MPA club rating calculated by Pickleball Brackets, and your self-rating set in your profile.

Please note that these ratings will change as people sign up for the league and aren’t completely set until the first day of the league.

Opting In

Before each week’s games, everyone planning to play needs to Opt In:

  1. Go to Pickleball Brackets.
  2. Click on your name (after logging in) and select “My Stuff.”
  3. Click on “Leagues,” then “My Schedule.”
  4. Click the red button that says “OUT – Click to Opt In.” It will change to green after opting in.
  5. You have until 20 minutes before the games are scheduled to start to Opt In.
  6. If you opt in, you must attend the game day. No-shows cause major issues on game night. If your schedule changes after opting in, please opt out.

Game Day

  • All games take place at the courts at Lefferson Park.
  • Arrive a little early to warm up and get to the right court before games start.
  • Bring your phone because players are responsible for entering scores on their courts via Pickleball Brackets.
  • Scores should be entered on the “Matches” tab.
    • Open Pickleball Brackets
    • Select your name/icon in the top-right corner and select My Stuff
    • Select Leagues, select current league, and select Game Day
    • Select Matches
  • Note the correct number of points needed to win (20 in 4-player groups, 15 for 5-player groups, and 10 for 6-player groups). All games are Win By 1.
  • Court assignments are set by the Group shown on the “Groups” tab. These groups appear once the league admin sets the games to start for the day, a few minutes before the scheduled start time.

Missed Games/Substitutes

  • Because of the way the league works, it is ok to miss game days. You simply do not opt in for any weeks you need to miss. You are allowed 2 missed game days without any penalty. For each subsequent miss, your ranking will drop by 2.
  • No substitutes are allowed to play for you if you can’t play on a given week. The only exception is for injuries or other emergencies that might come up during game play.


There will probably be game days that get interrupted by rain. We will do our best to cancel before everyone heads to the courts if it looks like rain. Please check your email for rain out updates. If we do cancel before, or have game days that only get partially completed because of rain, we will postpone the games for that day and reschedule an extra game day at the end of the session.

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