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Equipment Discounts

MPA offers its members an exclusive deal with, allowing them to purchase products at reduced wholesale prices. Typically, the discounts are about 30% off the standard retail prices but this varies by product. This partnership benefits MPA by adding a $10 transaction fee to each order.

Here’s how to take advantage of this offer:

  • Visit to explore their product range. Ensure your desired items are in stock.
  • For price comparison, search for the same products online, considering the additional costs like tax and shipping.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, email with the following details: Your Name, Product Code from, Your Shipping Address and Your Cell Number. Within one or two days, expect a reply with a detailed price quote, including the product’s cost, shipping, and the $10 fee.
  • To confirm your order, simply respond to the email, and you’ll receive a payment link. Orders are typically delivered within a week.

Branded Apparel & Accessories

Explore our exclusive collection of MPA-branded apparel and accessories, curated for the dedicated members of the Middletown Pickleball Association. Our range is not just about style; it’s a celebration of the pickleball community and the passion that unites us.

Our apparel line features high-quality, comfortable clothing designed to make a statement on and off the court. From moisture-wicking T-shirts that keep you cool during intense matches, to cozy hoodies perfect for post-game relaxation, each piece is emblazoned with the MPA logo, symbolizing your commitment to the sport and the community.

All items are printed on demand to ensure the highest quality and uniqueness. Due to this customization, please note that all sales are final. We encourage you to carefully check sizes and dimensions before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit.

Wearing MPA-branded apparel and accessories not only elevates your game but also strengthens the bonds within our community. It’s a way to show your support, share your passion, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. Join us in building a vibrant community of pickleball players by sporting your MPA gear with pride!

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